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We promise bosses die

Bloodsowrd a posted Apr 14, 15

Woudini a is this front-post real life

For most of you that are reading this post you are thinking to yourself. Who cares who Bobby Wagner is? Well you know what? I CARE because when a nobody gets a coveted MVP vote from someone that is suppose to have SOME FORM of football knowledge votes for him you better learn fast who he is. This news is far more fucken important than what bosses we have killed to date in Highmaul. Who the fuck cares that we are 6/7. Tony Dungy doesn't. He doesn't even care about the game of football cause he wasted his fucken MVP vote on a guy that he didnt even give his DPOY vote to. What the fuck Dungy.

Yes I am using the guild front page to vent about something most of you are like what the fuck is Shen talking about. Anyways news update yes the guild is 6/7 Mythic in Highmaul. BRF comes out on Tuesday. Check back in 3-4 months for our guild progress then. Or use wowprogress like most people do for guild progress. I have no awesome paint edited screenshots for you on this post.

Oh thanks goes out to Woudini for the legit guild logo design and the cool intro on our kill videos. 

That's all. No entertaining stuff from me on this post.


Enjoy the link though. I promised members of the guild those if we killed Impregnator/Bro'gall on Sunday. I expect them to come EXTRA motivated especially the women and Yoshi.

skeron WTB mythic kill screenshots

WoD and stuff

Shennin a posted Nov 12, 14
I know I am well overdue for front page post. What better time to make a new front page then as we all sit here waiting for the clock to roll over to the release of the expansion? Its been 7 months since our last front page update for the Paragons kill. Since that time we have survived near guild extinction and a great Heroic garrosh kill. Screenshot below. I lied I formatted and lost my screen of the kill. Instead enjoy a link to the logs of friends over at precision pre 6.0. Oh wait don't have those either cause they died pre SoO nerf. Beyond those items nothing of great note. Recruitment is closed at the moment until raiding in WoD starts. 

Now with a wrap of the expansion. As I posted we cleared all of Heroic SoO 14/14. ToT we fell a little short without a Raden kill but did manage a Lei Shen kill. The tiers before that the guild was still in reformation. Did not manage any Heroic kills in ToES. Few kills in HoF and MSV. What started out as a group of veterans getting together to play in MoP due to boredom ended up becoming this great group of guys and girls I called Divine Vigilance. We enter the new expansion with a group I am fairly happy with. We are as prepared as we can be for the new content. 

Now on to the fun stuff. FUN STUFF YOU SAY? What could you possibly be talking about? Oh there is nothing fun about poking fun of a guild that says they are 14/14H that can't kill Blackfuse and Paragon's on 25M Heroic so they downgrade to 10M Heroic. That is just mean. I mean running a guild when you have two officers that are completely cancerous players how fun can that be. Two officers that can't lead lemmings off a hill end up quitting a guild they help create and attempt to join a guild together only to be denied. So bad it's sad not funny. Oh what's even better is that they keep recruiting players from DV like its hurting us. Thanks for helping me trim my huge roster down to make it easier for Mythic. Ill send you a care package full of bat guano some day. If you want some recruits feel free to check our logs in a few weeks. When we are clearing WoD content and you aren't. With that said I'm out this bitch for another 8 months. come back and check for front page post in July. 

First the updates followed by the long rants. The guild is now 13/14H with Paragons down. Screen shot below. I hope you like the rainbow name Meilan in honor of your favorite my little pony. Its my farewell gift to you. Garrosh progression is kinda underway. Kinda cause attendance is currently an issue and recruitment and we need fresh blood. Players that are motivated to show up to raids and want to succeed. Recruitment requirements are players ilvl 570+ with at least experience on 8/14H heroics. Cross realm apps are welcomed. 

This is a thank you rant to the former friend of mine. Thank you for reigniting that fire that was burning ever so dim. You have reinvigorated me to bring this guild back to where it needs to be and I won't let that fire burn out again because you showed me that friendships made in this game can change with a small gust of wind from a hyper individual. For covering up the truth with half truths and small lies. The beast in me can't lay still anymore it has ponies that it needs to demolish. This is the second time you have burnt me and it will be the last. 

Oh game of throne spoilers since I'm writing a front page update.Tyrian gets arrested and thrown in a cell. Sansa gets smuggled off to the vale. Jamie frees Tyrian only for  him to kill Tywin as he is taking a shit. Then he kills Shay. 
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