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Garrosh got an iron-tight grip on your heirloom? It’s time to smash ‘n grab! Beginning Tuesday, October 14 and lasting until the launch of Warlords of Draenor on November 13, we’ll be giving players a bonus 100% chance to get their...
Published Oct 23, 2014
The invasion of Azeroth is imminent. Beyond the Dark Portal, the destructive might of the Iron Horde gathers. Now's the time to summon your guildmates, arm yourself, and prepare to stand against the tides of iron and fury. This week only...
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The primal forces that forged the lands of Draenor are still in conflict to this day, and in no other place is this more evident than Gorgrond. A land of contradictions, Gorgrond features barren rocky plains and dense overgrown jungles. ...
Published Oct 22, 2014
First the updates followed by the long rants. The guild is now 13/14H with Paragons down. Screen shot below. I hope you like the rainbow name Meilan in honor of your favorite my little pony. Its my farewell gift to you. Garrosh progression is kinda underway. Kinda cause attendance is currently an issue and recruitment and we need fresh blood. Players that are motivated to show up to raids and want to succeed. Recruitment requirements are players ilvl 570+ with at least experience on 8/14H heroics. Cross realm apps are welcomed. 

This is a thank you rant to the former friend of mine. Thank you for reigniting that fire that was burning ever so dim. You have reinvigorated me to bring this guild back to where it needs to be and I won't let that fire burn out again because you showed me that friendships made in this game can change with a small gust of wind from a hyper individual. For covering up the truth with half truths and small lies. The beast in me can't lay still anymore it has ponies that it needs to demolish. This is the second time you have burnt me and it will be the last. 

Oh game of throne spoilers since I'm writing a front page update.Tyrian gets arrested and thrown in a cell. Sansa gets smuggled off to the vale. Jamie frees Tyrian only for  him to kill Tywin as he is taking a shit. Then he kills Shay. 
Sorry Rob fans. I have no new news for you regarding your favorite DV member. Only news I bring is that Siegecrafter has been slain. Video is posted in our forums for those that are interested in viewing it. The muffled guy that is talking is Kamikaeo. Don't tell him he sounds muffled' it will bother him. Next up is Paragons.

I have no funny stuff this week but a screen shot.

Now that the holidays are over its time to get back to more frequent front page updates. First an update with the raiding, we are currently 11/14H and starting our progression on Blackfuse. Screen shot of Thok will be posted below. As with most guilds the holidays sometimes bring troubled times with roster issues with people taking breaks for unforeseen periods of time. Recruitment is open for a Resto druid. So enough of the serious stuff time for the fun stuff. 

Rob got laid over the Christmas break. Her name was Stephanie. She hasn't called him back in a while so we believe that it is a one time deal. It might have something to do with him crying during sex. So women if you are looking for a sensitive guy that cries during sex. Rob is your man. Here you go ladies. Unicorn Rob


If you ever run into a guild member that proclaims that he would never go horde cause it sucks and doesnt want to raid more then 3 days a week but ends up quitting for those exact reasons you call that waffling. Also he has to be a gay hair stylist as well. Not often do you get a guild member that hangs out with you every night playing non WOW related games and you can consider a genuine friend up and ninja transfer to another guild without prior notice and then askes to still hang out with you after completely screwing over your raid... well if you do you call that a flaming hot cheetophile.

The new season of Game of Thrones starts on April 6. So a week before I will be posting a spoil of what I believe is going to happen in that episode. Ideally I will post it on april fools. MUAHAAHAHAHAHA.
Skeron April? Fuck yeah.
Seeing as how we've now killed Garrosh, or as Shennin likes to call him, Grom, I'm sure you all expected to see a screenshot of our kill, preceeded by a rant from Shennin going on about things such as:
  • Rob's sudden and unexpected rebirth as a Draenei named Hesterrace.
  • The fact that some of our ranged got their panties in a wad because Thok knows how to interrupt. Frequently. Relentlessly. Over and over again. Preventing them from doing ANYTHING. Causing them to throw temper tantrums worthy of a 3 year old after their scoop of icecream fell off the cone and splattered all over the sidewalk.
  • The fact that Magedps has been put back on suicide watch, given there is now a new set of heroics ahead of us.
  • The next chapter in the snitch buff shenninigans, which now include a new WW monk.

Well, none of that is going to happen this time.

You see I've had this little scheme going since we've been trying to down Heroic Lei Shen. As a way to try to encourage people to "play better" (cause that's always a helpful tip!) I came up with what I thought was a satisfactory motivational tool. I informed the raid that, when we kill Lei Shen, I would post a picture of Shennin celebrating the kill by wearing a pink dress to this very page. We killed Lei Shen.

I changed my mind and said we had to kill Ra-den, but then, much to Dirtyone's chagrin, I went on vacation for a week, and the servers took a shit during our last raid. I was forced to change my mind again to when Garrosh died, and now that he's dead, well, I don't think anyone would think very highly of my credibility if I changed it again to heroic Garrosh, so I guess the time has come.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further stalling tactics, I present to you the one, the only SHENNIN:

Cato Oh the joys of DV.
Bwu hubba hubba
Wow. The last progression updated was back in July on the 9th... let's hope I remember how to be witty still. 

So Lei Shen is down with only RA-Den left to kill in this tier before 5.4 is released in a couple weeks. Even if he doesn't die I will still be satisfied with the group I have going into the next tier especially our awesome mages. Every night, on every pull they always have casted arcane intellect before any other buff... which we have renamed to "snitch buff". If you don't know the story behind that too bad... cause I really don't remember it all that well anymore. I am getting old and all. 

Suicide watch for Magedps is over for now since Lei Shen is dead. There were a couple touch and go moments there that had Ray and I concerned but now with Lei Shen dead he shouldn't be as depressed anymore. LOL JK WE STILL HAVE RA-DEN TO KILL but tonight we celebrate by stuffing our faces with MOGO and cinnastacks. 

Something else I would like to point out for the kill is that Kevin AKA Quat saved the raid by baiting the thunderstruck even after I told the raid to burn down the boss. Evidence can be found on the video on our forums. So without him we might have not killed the boss last night. So members should all send Kevin in game mails for 1 gold each day for the rest of the month to let him know we appreciate him. 

Although we still have one boss to go this tier is pretty much over. It was a pretty rough tier considering the roster changes we had to make since the launch of 5.2. If I look back on our roster at the start of 5.2 and compare it to what we have when we are about to go into 5.4 we have maintained most of our officer core minus 1 person. Raiders that continue with us are Bwu, Meilan, Dirtyone, Quat and Sundronez. Thanks for dealing with my insanity guys. If I forgot anyone I sorry.

Lei Shen SS will go up when I get home from work.
Quat Relax, guys, Shen works LONG hours. Either that or he's homeless.
Polarthief I demand Screenshot and Video :3
Delevingne Screenies nowwww
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