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Mythic Mannoroth


Shennin a posted Sep 16, 15

He says if we guess his exact amount of gold we get half of it.

Elchupacabre93 im retracting the bet, im tired of living in constant fear of losing my poor gold
Vezah 398 772
Elchupacabre93 not yet

Drunk post

Shennin a posted Jul 12, 15

Hello. It has been a while since I have posted anything. Maybe cause I haven't been drunk in a long time since today is the rare moment when I am shitfaced drunk and coming home to a SS of a conversation with someone trying to poach my boy Stephano Sue I have to address it.

Dear Cry Moar,

When poaching a member of a guild that is further in progression than you are provide some incentives. Don't just message the guy and say "OH WE RAID 9 HOURS AND WE STILL SUCK". At least offer to pay for his transfer or sexual favors. I at least offer to pay for handjobs from semiprofessional ladies when poaching members of a guild. I am also intelligent enough to know recruiting members from a guild that further in progression is quite retarded. At least pick a bench player or a guild that is behind your guild in progression. If you need help I charge a flat rate of $100 a member that is recruited. To enquire about such services post on our forums. Be forewarned though turn around time for responses is give or take 7 days. 

-Supreme Leader of Divine Vigilance


Vezah yo I never got that prepaid handjob offer.

Heroic Archimonde Down!

Bloodsowrd a posted Jul 5, 15

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